Read Molokai-pedia’s survey results.

The Molokai-pedia project will eventually lead to twelve different needs assessment reports addressing our 12 points in the sustainability wheel. Read the survey results and ensuing analysis here:

  1. Waste Management
  2. Green Economy & Local Business
  3. Green Building & Affordable Housing
  4. Land Use & Subsistence
  5. Environment & Natural Resources
  6. Community Health & Safety

About Us

Sust`āinable Molokai is a local, grassroots group formed to inspire youth and all Molokai residents to work toward a more sustainable future for our island.

As a community-led and driven process, Sust`āinable Molokai adopts a broad and inclusive approach. We draw upon the strengths inherent in our island´s close-knit community and seek to cultivate symbiotic and diverse partnerships for projects designed to become self-supporting.

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